• NJ Electrical Repairs & Service Upgrades

    Repairs & Service Upgrades

    A simple outlet change, switch repair, or entire rewiring projects, Shoreline Electrical Contractors can take care of all your home's electrical needs.

  • NJ Electrical Contractor for New Construction & Renovations

    New Construction & Renovations

    Shoreline Electrical Contractors is a 5-Star Customer Rated Company. We are the trusted choice of dozens of New Jersey builders and contractors.

  • NJ Electrical Troubleshooting


    We can quickly diagnose and solve all types of electrical problems. DIY Electrical is dangerous and not recommended. Trust our professionals.

  • NJ Custom Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

    Custom Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

    Our team of electricians is experienced in several areas of indoor and outdoor lighting installations including LED and architectural lighting.

  • NJ LED, Recessed & Track Lighting

    LED, Recessed & Track Lighting

    Dramatically improve the look of your home by taking out your outdated lighting and having indoor LED, recessed and/or track lighting installed.

  • NJ Cable TV & Telephone Lines

    Cable TV & Telephone Lines

    Cable TV wiring, telephone lines, and even your more advanced Home Theater and AV solutions, our professional technicians have you covered.

  • NJ Landscape Lighting

    Landscape Lighting

    Keep your home and yard well lit, beautiful and safe with our landscape lighting installation and repair services.

  • NJ Attic Fans & Ceiling Fans

    Attic Fans & Ceiling Fans

    Whether you are looking to bring the temperature of your attic down or just looking for energy efficient ceiling fan solutions, Shoreline can help.

  • NJ Hot Tubs & Spas

    Hot Tubs, Spas & Pools

    Our professional technicians can provide the wiring and bonding for any hot tub, spa and/or pool installation.

  • NJ Child Safety Outlet Upgrades - Tamper Resistant)>

    Child Safety Outlet Upgrades

    Keep children safe from burns, shocks or possible electrocution. Tamper resistant outlets keep children safe from the energized slots.

  • NJ 240 Volt AC - Dryer - Stove Lines

    240 Volt A.C. / Dryer / Stove Lines

    Our electricians can help to accurately determine and install the appropriate installation needed for your home or the room in question.

  • NJ Surge Arresters

    Surge Arresters

    Power surges or lightning strikes can cause costly damage to your appliances and electronics. Let our experienced electricians protect your home.

  • NJ Motion Detectors

    Motion Detectors

    A motion-sensor security light is an inexpensive upgrade to your home’s outdoor lighting that can enhance your home's safety.

  • NJ Smoke Detectors

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Properly installed smoke alarms located throughout your house are a must. Contact Shoreline Electrical Contractors for assistance installing or replacing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • NJ Home Backup Power - Generators

    Home Backup Power (Generators)

    Let our qualified technicians coordinate the installation and wiring of your backup generator systems and reverse fed generator panel boxes for pull start generators.

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